Personally Identifiable Information

Personal Information Growing in Favor Among Criminals

In a recent edition of the Trustwave Global Security Report, personally identifiable information (PII), such as birth dates and social security numbers, is growing in favor among criminals.

Trustwave analyzed 691 data-breach investigations conducted in 2013 and the report showed that 45% of data thefts in 2013 involved non-payment card data. The report also showed a 33% increase in the theft of financial information, internal communications and other types of customer records as well as a 22% increase in the theft of financial account credentials.

Karl Sigler, a threat intelligence manager for Trustwave said, “While demand for payment data, such as the card number and expiration data, remains strong, criminals also find other types of data lucrative.”

So how can you protect your organizations personally identifiable information? With XiSecure® On-demand for Sensitive Data, Paymetric’s proprietary, award-winning tokenization solution, you can eliminate the storage and/or transmission of PII in enterprise systems and applications. Utilizing tokenization technology will help reduce the risk of a data breach and address regulatory mandates and compliance requirements.