How Paymetric BillPay Simplifies Electronic Delivery and Payment of Invoices in the Cloud

Paymetric’s New Enterprise Solution Provides Secure, Convenient Options for Delivering and Paying Invoices Online

By Bill Wied, SVP Product Development, Paymetric

We have just introduced a new enterprise solution that automates electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP). Paymetric BillPay was developed as part of our continued innovation for our expanding customer base of over thousands of brands. The solution simplifies how organizations deliver and receive payments of B2B invoices. Now our merchants can provide their customers the convenience of receiving and paying invoices online. The key benefits of Paymetric BillPay are that it speeds processing, saves organizations staffing time and reduces errors. These all have a positive impact to their bottom-line to help them streamline and secure electronic payments across the enterprise.  

How BillPay Works

Paymetric BillPay allows customers to view and pay invoices online using a self-service portal. The cloud-based  EIPP solution works with any ERP or invoice database and synchronizes with existing systems to reconcile and track payments across all payment channels. The automated process streamlines formerly manual tasks – which reduces DSO (days sales outstanding) and saves staff time and resources. It offers customers the convenience of scheduling payments or paying in installments and provides online access to view account history and generate custom reports.

Paymetric has built its success by providing enterprise secure electronic payment options. As an SAP®-certified partner, an Oracle validated partner and a recognized industry leader in secure electronic payment solutions in the enterprise, Paymetric BillPay is a natural extension that helps our customers streamline processes, secure electronic payments and make a difference to their bottom line.  For more information, visit our website or:

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