Gartner Market Guide: Tokenization of Payment Card Data Features Paymetric

Published: December 2015

Gartner Analyst(s): Jonathan Care, Rajpreet Kaur

The tokenization of sensitive data is a key component in the ensuring of payment system security. The guide is a resource to assist companies when choosing the most appropriate solution for their tokenization projects.

Gartner Recommendations:

  • Use tokenization to eliminate stored CHD from within the enterprise, thus reducing compliance overhead and bringing the impact of a data breach within risk tolerances.
  • Where technical requirements permit, use off-premises tokenization to eliminate the requirement to maintain a repository of CHD within the enterprise.
  • Ensure that all third-party service providers handling CHD (including tokenization) comply with the requirement to formally acknowledge responsibility for the security of the CHD in their possession.

Paymetric is recommended in the Gartner guide as follows:

Paymetric specializes in processing payments made through ERP systems, such as SAP and Oracle. In addition, Paymetric integrates with Salesforce, Magento, JDA, Demandware, JD Edwards, Infor, ColdFusion and Visa STP. Its off-premises service tokenizes sensitive data, including PII and CHD, and uses data vaulting to securely store sensitive data. Tokens are decoupled, allowing authorization without a specific call. Paymetric has strategic partnerships with several major payment processors and provides key management outside the enterprise.

Contact Paymetric for more information at toll-free: 1-855-476-0134
678-242-5281 or

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