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Toshiba Case Study

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Creating a Simple, Efficient & Self-service Accounts Receivable Operation

Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS) is a leading managed document services provider that helps organizations control document security, workflow and print environments. With the help of integrated partners, Paymetric and Esker, Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS) achieved an impressive ROI of $342,000 with automated invoice delivery via Esker and electronic payment capabilities via Paymetric.

Read how Paymetric and Esker helped Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS) implement an integrated solution for automated invoice delivery and electronic payment processing.

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TBS had a manual invoice review
process that caused a number of
issues. The invoicing format and
process had not been updated
for ten years causing delays in
payments and an increase to

The company implemented an
integrated solution for automated
invoice delivery from Esker and
electronic payment processing
from Paymetric.

TBS realized ROI of $342,000
and 50% in time savings.

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“We were fortune to find a provider like Paymetric that was integrated with Esker, which brought a level of peace of mind to the process.”

Todd Kirkham, Director of Operations and Acquisitions


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