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Paymetric featured on podcast about payments trends and ideas in the U.S. Securing $30 Billion Worth of B2B Payments [Podcast]

Take any type of payment within an enterprise, enable its acceptance through seamless ERP integration, and secure it with a token. That’s the job of of enterprise payment acceptance solution provider Paymetric, which is driving over $30 billion worth of payments, says Paymetric CEO Asif Ramji.

During the podcast, Ramji shares how Paymetric helps global Fortune 500 brands accept, secure and optimize payments, and how future payments trends and ideas in the U.S. will shape the industry as a whole.

Read the full story and listen to the podcast here.

Paymetric Case Study: Burton Snowboards

Issue: A pioneer in the snowboarding industry, Burton was in need of a PCI compliant payment acceptance solution that integrated with SAP Business Suite as well as solved non-integration challenges with split orders, manual entry error, delivery without guarantee of payment, workflow delays, downgrade possibilities, late fees and data security issues.

Solution: Paymetric’s XiPay® On-demand is a Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solution that enables companies to manage, accept and integrate virtually every type of electronic payment in any enterprise system where payment is accepted.

XiSecure® On-demand is Paymetric’s award-winning tokenization solution that eliminates the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data.

Results: With XiPay On-demand and XiSecure On-demand, Burton was able to:

• Optimize payment acceptance and minimize cost and risk
• Reduce the cost and scope of a PCI DSS audit
• Eliminate expired authorizations and reconcile hassles
• Reduce bad debt
• Prevent manual errors


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