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Cyber Privacy: Notice-and-Consent vs. Responsible Use

With the rise of hacker incidents, cyber security and privacy has become a hotbed issue. The prevalent Internet privacy framework of today is the “notice-and-consent framework,” or what you do every time you click on an “accept” button. You have been notified and given consent.

This framework, however, allows data aggregators and brokers to take your data and pretty much do whatever they please and many consider this insufficient to protect individual’s privacy.

The idea of “responsible use” on the other hand, puts the responsibility on the “entities that collect, maintain and use data.” This means that data collectors and users are accountable for how they manage data and any harm it causes.

Imagine the positive publicity organizations that endorse responsible use would generate.

And you’ll probably think twice before you hit that “accept” button.

10 Cyber Security Best Practices You Should Follow

It’s simple. Poor data security can ruin your business. And with the amount of security breaches over the last year, businesses more than ever need to be taking precautions to keep their data safe from virus infections, hacking attacks or other system security breaches.

To help keep your business and sensitive data safe, here are 10 cyber security best practices you should follow:

1. Implement antivirus, anti-spam & firewall protections
2. Carry out regular security updates on all software & devices
3. Employ a resilient password policy (minimum eight characters & should be changed regularly)
4. Secure your wireless network
5. Establish a clear security policy for email, internet & mobile devices
6. Educate your staff in good security measures & perform employee background checks
7. Create & test back-up plans, information disposal & disaster recovery procedures
8. Carry out regular security risk assessments to identify important information & systems
9. “Stress test” websites regularly
10. Check provider credentials & contracts when using cloud services

For even more information about how to secure your data, click here.


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