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Automated, Secure Exchange of Account Data


Securely Exchanges Cardholder Account Updates, Maintains PCI Compliance

Merchants face challenges when it comes to staying on top of cardholder expiration date changes and unpredictable account changes such as closures, upgrades and replacements. Card reissuing rates have skyrocketed and so has the burden for merchants that process recurring transactions. Updater delivers updated cardholder account information in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner – all while keeping the merchant’s PCI compliant environment intact.

Updater automates the secure electronic exchange of updated account information including changes to expiration date, account number and account closures using our patented tokenization technology. Merchants will no longer lose revenue for expired or changed cards they cannot update. Updater is the automated, secure solution that helps merchants maintain reduced PCI scope.

  • Reduces excessive authorization declines and retains more revenue
  • Reduces costs of manually updating payment data
  • Reduces unnecessary customer interaction and risk of service cancellation

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Automated, Secure Exchange of Account Data

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