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Tokenization and customized fraud management solutions.


The surge in eCommerce transactions has produced a corresponding rise in fraudulent transactions.

Online payment fraud costs businesses billions each year, not just in fraud loss, but in administrative overhead as well. Fraud management technology is valuable for helping to minimize the expense. But merely providing raw credit card numbers to utilize these services can expose you to a new set of risk and compliance concerns.

Paymetric Verify leverages our partnerships with the three leading Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Management solution providers. It offers fully secure integrated fraud management and PCI compliance protection without exposing sensitive credit card numbers. Verify is designed specifically for merchants looking to expand their online business and those who previously have managed fraud prevention in house.

How does it work? Verify allows merchants to select their Fraud Management solution provider of choice and customize the services of that solution provider to meet their needs, all while leveraging Paymetric tokenization technology to protect sensitive credit card numbers.


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xi-verify-smlSecurely integrate fraud management and PCI compliance protection.



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