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Protect sensitive data and diminish risk with tokenization.



XiSecure® On-demand for Cardholder Data

If you are a merchant that stores credit card data, you are an attractive target for hackers.

With the number of data security breaches steadily rising, you must be confident that you can secure your payment systems against data theft.

XiSecure® On-demand for Cardholder Data is Paymetric’s award-winning tokenization solution. It eliminates the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data, dramatically improving data security and reducing PCI audit scope and cost.

How does it work? The solution intercepts credit card numbers entered into enterprise payment acceptance systems and environments, and replaces credit card numbers with a surrogate value or token. The encrypted card number is stored off-site in Paymetric’s secure, PCI-compliant data vault. This token is used just as if it were the real card to support customer requests and facilitates reporting without interrupting day-to-day operations.

  • It’s proprietary, supported in-house so our customers don’t have to leverage another tokenization solution.
  • We provide a neutral token vault – our tokens are not processor-specific, so you avoid vendor lock-in and can connect to multiple processors.
  • Our multi-use tokens ensure that you can support reporting and recurring payment transactions.
  • Paymetric tokens retain permitted parts (as outlined by PCI DSS) of the original card, ensuring continuity of day-to-day business process with no negative security impact.



XiSecure® On-demand for Sensitive Data

Data breaches and the associated costs continue to rise.

Additionally, industry regulations and data breach notification laws are becoming increasingly stringent. Merchants face growing pressure to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

XiSecure® On-demand for Sensitive Data, Paymetric’s proprietary, award-winning tokenization solution, secures billions of transactions for top Fortune 500 clients around the globe. The solution eliminates the storage and/or transmission of PII in enterprise systems and applications. By implementing this tokenization technology, you can reduce the risk of a data security breach and take advantage of the safe harbor that most breach notification laws provide to companies that secure PII.

How does it work? XiSecure On-demand for Sensitive Data intercepts PII entered into enterprise systems or applications, replacing the sensitive information with a unique surrogate ID value, known as a token. The token acts to reference the actual data associated with the encrypted data, which is stored off-site in the secure Paymetric data vault.

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xi-secure-smlProprietary tokenization for card holder data.


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