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Accept credit cards against open invoices in SAP®.


SAP Receivables Management

More and more invoice payments are being handled with credit card, eCheck and other electronic methods.

Merchants using SAP® require an efficient system for automating invoice clearance when their customers pay with a credit card or other form of electronic payment. Paymetric’s XiReceivables™ is an accounts receivable solution process for SAP ERP that helps merchants accept electronic payments against accounting documents and automatically clears open invoices. Paymetric’s solution supports single and recurring transactions, as well as down payments, prepaids and deposits. It is an affordable accounts receivables management method for simplifying difficult manual processes and meeting requirements for accepting electronic payments and accelerating time to working capital.

How does it work? Simply pull up any customer open item in the SAP Financial module and apply a credit card payment to any outstanding invoice in real-time.

Data Sheet

xi-receivables-smlAutomate clearing of invoices in SAP®.



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