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Protect the Enterprise
Remove your Customer Service Representatives from PCI Scope

Intercept Securelink for Chat

For organizations that use live chat applications on their website, Intercept
allows customers to enter payment information through a secure
connection on their web browser instead of sending sensitive cardholder
information to a customer service representative in a chat session.

Intercept Securelink is easily integrated into any chat application, and offers your customers a convenient way to share payment information while removing your customer service representatives and systems from PCI scope.

  • Protects cardholder information
  • Frictionless customer experience
  • Prevents cardholder data from entering your CRM or chat application
  • Removes CSR from PCI scope
  • Integrates with any ERP system



Xiintercept securelink

Intercept Securelink for Chat
Tokenize sensitive cardholder data at a pin pad to remove network and PCs from PCI scope and protect from a data breach.

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