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PCI Compliant Data Protection Solutions

Ensures Cardholder Data Never Enters Enterprise Systems

Organizations that handle, process or store sensitive cardholder data are looking for ways to eliminate the handling of credit cards altogether which removes their internal systems from the scope of PCI audit.

Paymetric XiIntercept™ keeps sensitive cardholder data from entering internal enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, order entry, ERP, CRM and web applications. It also dramatically reduces PCI scope and costs while providing data security and full PCI compliance.

XiIntercept captures card numbers before they ever touch enterprise systems and applications. Leveraging our proprietary tokenization technology, it ensures cardholder data is no longer stored onsite. Instead, the data is stored as secure tokens in our secure data vault – eliminating the liability and risk of protecting sensitive card information.

XiIntercept for eCommerce

XiIntercept™ for eCommerce

XiIntercept for eCommerce provides online merchants protection from data breaches and removes the web store from scope of a PCI audit. XiIntercept is customized to your brand and completes in milliseconds. It transparently intercepts raw credit card data from the cardholder’s browser window before it enters your online ordering and payment platforms. As a merchant, you will never transmit, process or store any raw cardholder data. There are no pop-ups or re-directs, it is entirely transparent to the cardholder.


XiIntercept for POS

XiIntercept™ for POS

XiIntercept for POS captures raw card data in an EMV transaction and sends it to Paymetric to generate a token which is then transmitted to the merchant for use in their POS, ERP or other system.

XiIntercept for Mobile

XiIntercept™ for Mobile

XiIntercept for Mobile transparently intercepts card data entered by field service representatives via mobile devices and replaces the data with a token.

XiIntercept for P2PE

XiIntercept™ for P2PE

XiIntercept for P2PE (Point-to-point encryption) is Paymetric’s solution using pin pads and tokenization to eliminate call center workstations and keyboards from PCI Scope. It maintains full integration with call center systems and applications – minimizing risk of data exposure during a breach. Learn more >

XiIntercept Securelink for Chat

XiIntercept™ Securelink for Chat

XiIntercept Securelink enables organizations that use live chat applications on their website to allow customers to enter payment information through a secure connection on their web browser instead of sending sensitive cardholder information to a customer service representative in a chat session. Learn more >

Data Sheets

xi-intercept-smlPrevents sensitive cardholder data from entering your systems.


xi-intercept-smlXiIntercept solution for SAP.


xi-intercept-smlXiIntercept solution for Oracle.


xi-intercept-smlXiIntercept solution for eCommerce.


White Paper

Tokenization Amplified – XiIntercept™

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