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Format-preserving tokenization protects sensitive data.


Protect the most sensitive data with an enterprise-wide tokenization strategy adaptable to multiple data types, formats and lengths.

Flex, powered by XiSecure™ On-demand, is a tokenization solution that gives organizations the adaptability necessary to protect any type of sensitive information residing within the enterprise. XiFlex is critical because merchants must respond to increased pressure to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, HR data, financial data, and drivers’ license numbers.

How does it work? Flex maintains the original length and format of the data and stores it in the offsite, highly secure Paymetric data vault. With Flex, a business can roll out a tokenization strategy for their entire organization with no impact to the existing IT infrastructure or added costs for modifications.

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xi-flex-smlProtect multiple types of sensitive information.



Flexibility & Security Rolled Into One

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