How To Use Demos

How to use demos

Learn more about usage and features with our collection of demonstrations.

A comprehensive overview of Paymetric services.


Since 1998, Paymetric has built a reputation for innovation in the electronic payment services industry.

XiAssist™ is our intuitive, all-inclusive online help site offers simple access to key solutions information. Whether you need assistance for Paymetric On-demand services and solutions, or processor support details, XiAssist is your go-to resource.

How does it work? Search by keyword or browse our Table of Contents and Index for a wealth of information. Resources include workflows and tokenization around authorization and settlement processes in general, and with our XiPay® On-demand solution specifically. We also offer an introduction to XiIntercept™, our data intercept solution, detailed procedures on various payment functions within SAP® and our web interface, information on how SAP connects Paymetric’s On-demand services, definitions for all supported features and payment types for each of our supported processors and concepts of non-SAP integration.

Combined with our world-class client services team, this resource is one more way that Paymetric provides ongoing account support and 24/7customer service.

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xi-assist-smlEasy Access to Information on Paymetric’s Solutions.



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