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Insights to maximize SAP® payment card processing.


Companies using SAP® lack the ability to analyze trends and easily search the SAP database for transaction-related data.

SAP does not provide advanced reporting for payment card processing. For the organization, that information deficit creates inefficiencies.

XiAnalytics™, Paymetric’s enhanced reporting solution, provides merchants with the insights needed to analyze trends, enhance efficiencies and maximize performance of the SAP payment card processing solution.

How does it work? XiAnalytics consists of an expanded library of SAP reports and performance tools that simplify the process of finding transactional data related to authorization and settlement details. The information is necessary if you are working to resolve issues efficiently, pinpoint where adjustments can be made to enhance payment acceptance processes, or pass along the data required to qualify for optimal interchange rates for cost savings.

The solution is perfect for merchants seeking a way to search within sales, distribution and financial accounting modules for transactional data that can enable them to more efficiently service customer requests and evaluate necessary adjustments within their electronic payment acceptance environment.

Data Sheet

xi-analytics-smlAnalyze trends, enhance efficiencies and maximize performance.



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