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Secure credit card data from exploitation or breach.


Stay ahead of exposure threats and system vulnerabilities.

The Paymetric XiAlert™ Security Manager enables your organization to identify unsecured credit card data before it is at risk of being exploited or breached. This solution monitors transmission of erroneous card data and delivers detailed notifications via email, allowing organizations to take a more proactive approach to security.

We all know that sometimes people make mistakes. You may have done your due diligence to secure the data fields that collect credit card numbers by implementing a tokenization solution, but raw credit card data easily can be entered in error by customer service reps into the cardholder name or purchase order number field. This simple error can leave your environment at an increased risk for a data breach, resulting in compliance challenges.

How does it work? When improper credit card data is entered into an incorrect data field in the client environment, Paymetric’s XiAlert Security Manager detects the exposed card number data. The data security solution proactively alerts the client. The client then utilizes that data to locate and remove the exposed credit card number from internal systems. The duplicate erroneous data set is automatically removed from the Paymetric SaaS environment, and XiAlert Security Manager continues vulnerability scans.

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xi-alert-smlStay ahead of exposure threats and system vulnerabilities.



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