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Value Added Solutions: Recon, Analytics, & Receivables

We offer a portfolio of value added solutions to lower your payment processing costs and reduce manual processes.

Our Value Added solutions include:
Recon consolidates credit card settlement reporting within your ERP system – providing a holistic view of reconciliation status across multiple systems.

Recon seamlessly consolidates your credit card settlement reporting and streamlines an end-to-end reconciliation process across your enterprise. It aggregates reporting from three or more separate systems and multiple time-based files and report feeds into a consolidated, automated reporting tool. Recon synchronizes the data securely from the Paymetric cloud – allowing merchants to view the combined batch and transaction details across multiple systems.

Analytics provides insights to analyze trends, enhance efficiencies and maximize the performance of enterprise payment card processing.

Analytics provides expanded reports and performance tools to simplify analysis of transactional data related to authorization and settlement details within the electronic payment acceptance environment. The information speeds problem resolution and pinpoints where adjustments should be made to enhance payment acceptance. It also produces critical data required to qualify for optimal interchange rates for cost savings.

Receivables enables merchants to automate the clearing of invoices for electronic payments in the enterprise.

Receivables is an efficient solution for merchants when their customers pay via credit card or other electronic payment form. It helps merchants accept electronic payments against accounting documents and automatically clears open invoices. Receivables supports single and recurring transactions as well as down payments, prepaids and deposits. It is an affordable solution that automates manual processes and accelerates time to working capital.



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