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Protect customer data and reduce risk with tokenization solutions.


Streamline and Secure the Payment Ecosystem with PCI-Compliant Tokenization

To protect your enterprise payment systems and maintain PCI compliance, Paymetric solutions include our patented, proprietary tokenization technology which dramatically improves data security and reduces PCI DSS audit scope and cost.

Paymetric Tokenization Solutions

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a technology solution that intercepts credit card numbers entered into any enterprise payment acceptance system or environment, and replaces credit card numbers with a surrogate value or token. This token is used just as if it were the real card to support customer requests and facilitates reporting without interrupting day-to-day operations, however the randomly generated token has no meaning or value to hackers in the event of a breach. The credit card tokenization technology keeps unsecured cardholder data and other personal data from entering enterprise systems including ERP, CRM, legacy applications and eCommerce sites.

The encrypted card number is stored off-site in a Paymetric secure, PCI-compliant data vault. This token is used just as if it were the real card to support customer requests and facilitates reporting without interrupting day-to-day operations. By capturing and tokenizing cardholder information prior to the raw card data touching the source system, merchants no longer handle or store unsecured cardholder data on-site, but instead store tokens.

  • Protects the data
  • Eliminates source systems from PCI compliance
  • Significantly reduces the cost and effort to maintain PCI DSS compliance

How Does Tokenization Work?

Tokenization replaces a credit card number with a randomly generated code (T) or token which is of no value to hackers.

How Paymetric's Data Tokenization Works

Paymetric’s ePayment solution utilizes tokenization to prevent raw card numbers from ever entering the merchant’s system. When a field comes up for raw card number entry, the ePayment solution opens a secure browser field, captures the number outside of the merchant’s ERP application, retrieves and stores it securely and returns a token in its place.

This enables the application to contain no usable credit card numbers, only tokens. It reduces the number of audit items by 60 percent, saving significant cost and time. An environment without raw credit card numbers may qualify for Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) with 139 questions instead of SAQ D with 326 questions. And unlike an encrypted card number, a token cannot be reverse engineered to reveal the actual card number.

Secure, Transfer and Store Sensitive PII Data

Paymetric’s PII securely intercepts, transfers and stores any sensitive customer data in our data vault. We protect any field-based data such as Social Security or bank account numbers by immediately applying proprietary tokenization technology at its point of entry and securely transmitting it through enterprise systems for secure off-site storage. PII security is PCI compliant, easily integrated and provides greater protection from a data breach.

  • Applies token at point of entry
  • Securely transfer PII data through Enterprise
  • Stores data in secure location
  • Protects from data breach
  • Integrates with SAP, Oracle, others

Learn what tokenization is, how it works and how it can be used to minimize risk and cost in your organization.

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