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Fully integrated and secure solutions for SAP® merchants

SAP® Integration: Single Platform for all Payment Acceptance and Data Security Solutions

Paymetric, an SAP certified partner, provides integrated cloud solutions to secure and streamline payment acceptance in the SAP enterprise environment. SAP payment processing includes accepting basic electronic payment while ensuring efficiency across multiple systems applications and product components. Our SAP certified payment solutions are PCI compliant, processor-neutral and feature patented tokenization technology for open integration and data security.

  • Cloud – Lowers operational expense
  • Secure – Offers PCI compliant solutions in order to reduce PCI audit scope
  • Integrated – Streamlines SAP payment processing
  • Optimized – Reduces Interchange costs



Introduction to Payment Card Processing in SAP®.

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Protect your Enterprise
with Data Security

Our proprietary tokenization solution securely accepts payments in the SAP environment. It prevents sensitive cardholder data from entering the enterprise system, reduces PCI audit scope and mitigates risk of data breach.

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Streamline Payment Acceptance on Single Integrated Platform

Seamless integration creates a single, secure platform for automating payment acceptance across your enterprise.
Our solutions are processor-neutral and easily integrated.

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Introduction to SAP Payment Processing

Learn how to optimize payment card acceptance by leveraging an SAP® certified solution. Discover the capabilities and benfits of using an external payment processing services.

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Secure Integrated Payment Solutions for SAP


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