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Call Center Solutions

Solutions to Streamline Payments, Secure Data

Call center organizations are highly vulnerable to security breaches and are facing increased PCI requirements. Paymetric offers flexible call center solutions to streamline the payment process and secure cardholder data. By capturing the cardholder data prior to the point of entry, Paymetric effectively minimizes PCI scope and decreases the risk of a data breach by tokenizing sensitive cardholder data and storing if offsite.

We offer three options for securing the information prior to sensitive data touching or being entered into your systems. Each utilizes proprietary tokenization technology which replaces the credit card information with a random token at data entry. These solutions provide you the ability to potentially remove your network and PCs from PCI scope and provide greater protection from data breach.

Call Center Solutions Diagram

Call Center solutions include:

  • P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) encrypts card data at the pin pad before it enters the merchant’s network keeping sensitive cardholder data away from the merchant’s systems and network and returning a token to the POS/OMS for card processing. Learn More >
  • Email Trigger is initiated by call center reps that send customers an email link so they can enter card data into a secure form on a web browser.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) integration enables customers to enter card data directly to the system by voice commands instead of giving it to a call center representative.

Paymetric’s award-winning solutions streamline the payment process across your enterprise with open integrations for any ERP system including SAP, Oracle and AS400.


Paymetric provides integrations to secure and streamline call center payment solutions. Our flexible integrations are a cost effective solution to simplify implementation and speed deployment. They also help organizations access international markets faster.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Call Center Solutions Datasheet

Call Center Solutions
Solutions to Streamline Payments, Secure Data

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