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Convenient, online electronic invoice presentment and payment.
Paymetric E-Invoicing Solution, BillPay

E-Invoicing Solution

Simplify the delivery and payment of invoices with electronic invoice presentment

BillPay automates electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP). It gives your customers convenient options to receive and pay invoices online via a secure, self-service portal. The cloud-based solution works with any ERP or invoice database and synchronizes with existing systems to reconcile and track payments.

BillPay streamlines formerly manual tasks and provides real-time access to invoice details and their status. Our e-invoicing solution helps you receive and process payments faster which reduces DSO. Its automated design reduces staff needed to manage the Accounts Receivable process and the risk of human error is minimized.

Your customers will appreciate the self-service, online portal to view and pay invoices – meaning they will more likely pay invoices in a timely manner – reducing late or missed payments. BillPay EIPP works with any mobile device and gives customers the convenience of scheduling payments as well as viewing online account history details.

Video - Paymetric BillPayVideo - Paymetric BillPay

BillPay DataSheet

BillPay Data Sheet
Simplify Invoice Delivery & Payments

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