How To Use Demos

How to use demos

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Convenient Payments for your Customers

Managing Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payments (EIPP) in the Cloud


Commerce moves at a breathtaking pace and customers demand convenient payment options. Paymetric BillPay was created to simplify how organizations deliver and receive payments of B2B invoices. Through our e-invoicing webcast, merchants can now provide their customers with the convenience of receiving and paying invoices online. 

Presented by: Eric Bushman, Vice President, Solution Engineering | Chris Adams, Director of Product Management, Paymetric

 In this EIPP webcast, you will view a 10 minute demo and learn the basics of e-invoicing and how Paymetric BillPay:

      • Automates electronic invoice presentment and payments
      • Provides real-time access to invoice details and their status
      • Reduces DSO
      • Gives customers convenient payment options, improving customer satisfaction

How does Paymetric’s e-invoicing work? Fill out the form below to view the webcast.


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