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SAP Payment Processing

An Introduction to SAP Payment Processing

SAP’s electronic payment processing products provide basic payment card processing capabilities. However, ensuring functional continuity and transaction efficiency between multiple SAP components and payment processors is a far more complex challenge than many realize. It is important to understand the basics of the payment card processing landscape and how to best enhance and utilize SAP systems.

What is SAP?

SAP is a payment processing system that accepts basic electronic payment while ensuring efficiency across multiple systems applications and product components.

Paymetric is an SAP-certified partner. We provide integrated cloud solutions to secure and streamline payment acceptance in the SAP enterprise environment.

Why Use an External Payment Processing Service?

Using an external payment processing service offers an attractive alternative for those who want to avoid the additional burden on in-house resources. As seen in the diagram below, Paymetric provides and interface between SAP products and payment processors to accelerate time-to-value and ensure continuous compliance with industry best practices.


SAP Capabilities and Advantages

Electronic payment processing offers clear advantages over manual, paper-intensive processing methods. Below are just a few of the benefits that an SAP-certified electronic payment system can provide for your enterprise:

  • Accept payments via credit, debit, purchase, corporate, loyalty and gift cards, as well as eCheck
  • Create substantial savings in time and labor
  • Add valuable working capital by reducing Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Gather data for reports on payment and usage
  • Perform real-time transaction authorization with an immediate guarantee from the card’s issuing bank
  • Decrease exposure to accounts receivable risk by transferring transactional and credit risk to the issuing bank and away from the merchant

XiPay® On-demand

XiPay® On-demand is Paymetric’s integrated payment card processing service for Cross Application Payment Card Interface (CA-PCI) integration. By certifying XiPay® On-demand, SAP has confirmed the viability of this award-winning solution.

Outside services such as XiPay® On-demand greatly enhance an enterprise’s SAP capabilities. A few of the many advantages Paymetric offers are:

  • Flexibility to accommodate multiple payment types, including credit, debit, stored value, gift, payment and corporate cards as well as eChecks
  • Acceptance of alternative payments such as Bill Me Later, Google Checkout and PayPal
  • Support for multiple currency types, facilitating payment acceptance worldwide
  • Reduced scope and financial burden of achieving PCI DSS compliance
  • Comprehensive reports that include daily, weekly and monthly activity
  • Custom reports for a more usable view of information stored in the SAP database
  • Support for complex payment management and on-going maintenance, including semi-annual association releases, processor certifications, and new payment types or currencies

Learn More

Want to learn more about how your enterprise can optimize payment card acceptance by leveraging an SAP-certified solution? Download our whitepaper, Introduction to Payment Card Processing in SAP, or speak to a Paymetric representative today.


Intergrated Payment Processing

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