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Electronic payment acceptance solutions for your enterprise.

Fossil uses Paymetric’s Automated Payment Processing & PCI Compliance in SAP®

Fossil achieves secure, integrated electronic payment processing in SAP® by leveraging Paymetric’s XiPay® On-demand and XiSecure® SaaS solutions.

With integrated, on-demand payment processing and tokenization solutions from Paymetric, Fossil is able to streamline the order-to-cash process, automate receivables management functions, reduce payment card processing costs, improve security and minimize the cost and scope of PCI compliance.

This webcast demonstrates Fossil’s implementation timeline, goals and challenges; how the company saves on annual payment processing costs and reduces the cost and scope of PCI compliance; and how the company plans to use the solution in the future.

Featured Speakers: Suzi Rowley, AFS SD Configuration Analyst, Fossil, Inc.; Eric Bushman, VP Solutions Engineering, Paymetric


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