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Pioneer Case Study



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To maintain PCI compliance, Pioneer Electronics was faced with changing decryption keys once a year. This meant decrypting all cards and encrypting them with a new key, exposing raw credit card data to their environment. To compound the situation, Pioneer didn’t want the requisite ERP downtime involved in rotating encryption keys, putting them at risk for non-compliance. They needed an electronic payment acceptance solution that would secure customer data and seamlessly integrate with their ERP system.

Read how Paymetric helped Pioneer maximize data security, minimize risk and reduce ERP downtime to maintain PCI compliance.

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Pioneer wanted a secure approach to protect customer data, integrate with existing ERP system and maintain PCI compliance

Implemented Paymetric’s affordable and secure SaaS payment acceptance and tokenization solutions

Eliminated storage of cardholder data from enterprise systems, reduced ERP downtime and saved costs and time to achieve PCI compliance

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“With Paymetric, we have an additional layer of security.”

Kevin Erlandson, Director of Applications


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