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City of Dallas Case Study



Expanding Services to Citizens

The City of Dallas wanted to provide convenient payment options for its residents to pay for water bills, tickets, permits and other payments via telephone, web, lock box, pay station, mail and credit cards. After implementing a new ERP system, the existing payment solution did not work well with the complex backend, creating multiple failure points. The IT team sought to simplify and secure payment acceptance and processing as well as comply with an audit recommendation to implement tokenization. They needed a solution to ensure customer credit card information is safe while streamlining the process.

Read how Paymetric helped the City of Dallas streamline payment processing, improve security and minimize PCI impact.

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The new ERP system was not connecting successfully with the existing payment solution – creating multiple failures

Implemented Paymetric’s integrated solution providing authorization, tokenization and settlement

Removed raw credit card data from their system, complied with the audit and streamlined payment process

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“We chose Paymetric because it was the one solution that provided authorization, tokenization and settlement, and it was simple to integrate.”

Sindhu Menon, former Senior IT Manager, Business Technology Services


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