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Carestream Success Story

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Secures Payments Worldwide

As a worldwide provider of medical and dental imaging, Carestream Health needed a flexible solution to secure their customer’s sensitive data and reduce payment processing costs to support global payment methods.

Learn how Paymetric provided a secure integrated solution and helped Carestream keep data safe by using patented tokenization to protect customers’ sensitive data and minimize PCI DSS impact.

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Carestream Secures Customer Data
Learn how Carestream’s integrated, cloud solution protects customer data, minimizes PCI DSS impact, and reduces payment processing costs while scaling to support global payment methods.

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“We needed a solution to manage the monthly recurring charges and Paymetric has effectively managed this for us. With the increased credit card transactions, it was more important than ever to secure our customer account information and maintain PCI compliance.”

Anne Levitt, Systems Analyst, Carestream

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