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Cardinal Health Case Study

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Secures Evolving Payments Landscape

Cardinal Health, one of North America’s largest healthcare supply chains, has partnered with Paymetric for over 15 years to secure commerce. The supplier needed a partner with thorough experience in integrating secure payments.

Read how Paymetric helped Cardinal Health keep data safe by using patented tokenization to protect customers’ sensitive data.

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Acquisitions and System Integrations with Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health shares how it navigated the complexities of ecosystem management during acquisitions and integrations while keeping customer data secure.

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“We were looking for a turnkey solution to address each new acquisition without delays in payments and continued automation. Paymetric helps us meet that goal. It has decreased our time and efforts to complete the PCI DSS audit and given us a secure, integrated payment solution.”

Brent Blackburn, Software Engineer, Cardinal Health

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