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Burton Case Study



One Platform for Success

Burton, a leading manufacturer of snowboards, struggled with managing different aspects of their business on multiple platforms. Payments from their two retail websites were processed outside of their ERP system. They faced reconciliation and collection issues and needed to update manual order processes to maintain PCI compliance and better secure customer cardholder data.

Read how Paymetric helped Burton wipe out the burden of payment acceptance and PCI DSS compliance, automated reconciliation of card payments while maximizing security and minimizing risk.

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Burton needed a fully integrated payment processing solution that ensured cardholder data never entered enterprise systems

Implemented Paymetric solutions for payments, security, receivables and analytics

Optimized payment acceptance, minimized costs and risk and reduced PCI scope

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“Paymetric’s on-demand model was affordable, more secure and moved maintenance and up-keep to Paymetric instead of us.”

Jim Decker, ERP Manager, Burton


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