Paymetric, Inc. Launches New Call Center Solution to Secure the Enterprise

April 11, 2016

Demand for Secure Payments in Alternative Channels Accelerates Growth

Atlanta, GA April 11, 2016 –Paymetric, Inc., a global leader in secure electronic payment solutions for the enterprise, today announced its new call center solution. With demand growing in call center secure payments and increased PCI compliance requirements, Paymetric has just released a suite of flexible call center solutions that make it simple for merchants to deploy within existing enterprise systems.

Paymetric’s call center solution streamlines the payment process and secures cardholder data. By capturing data prior to the point of entry and storing it offsite, Paymetric helps minimize PCI scope and decreases the risk of data breaches and internal fraud in the enterprise.

Paymetric’s call center solution includes:

  1. P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) encrypts card data at the pin pad before it enters the merchant’s network keeping sensitive cardholder data away from the merchant’s systems and network returning a token to the POS/Order Management System for card processing.
  2. Email Trigger is initiated by call center reps that send customers an email link so they can enter card data into a custom web page eliminating exposure of raw card data
  3. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Integration enables customers to enter card data directly by voice commands instead of giving the cardholder information to a call center representative, eliminating exposure of raw card data

By capturing and securing cardholder information through Paymetric’s call center solution, merchants can remove workstations, virtual terminals, and customer service representatives from PCI scope and simplify their PCI DSS audit.

“Call centers are a growing channel for our clients and Paymetric is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions,” said Asif Ramji, President and CEO of Paymetric. “Alternative payment channels continue to grow and play a critical role in the enterprise. Our secure payment solutions are prebuilt to easily integrate and offer new flexible options to secure customer data and enable transactions.”

About Paymetric

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