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How to use demos

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Cyber Security Readiness Survey

Our Cyber Security Readiness Survey will....

Your Name Business Name Email Phone Number
What is your organization’s industry?
What is your organization’s primary location?
How many people does your organization employ worldwide, including all branches and subsidiaries?
How would you rate your company’s current level of IT security?
Which of the following statements characterize your organization’s overall approach to IT security? (please check all that apply):
What percent of your organization’s overall IT budget are you spending on normal operations for security? (Including all hardware, software, and services. Excluding expenses related to breaches and employee salaries)
By what percent do you expect it to increase next year?
Please indicate which of the following solutions your organization is currently using, deploying or will be deploying during the next 12 months. (Please check all that apply)

Does your organization use or plan to implement within the next 12 months any of the following advanced security technologies or services? (Please check all that apply)

Over the past two years, on average how frequently did your company perform an end-to-end review of its IT Security policies?
How many of those reviews led to substantive changes in your company’s IT Security policies?
How frequently does your organization perform independent/third party risk assessments or penetration testing?
How frequently does your company perform substantive updates to, or upgrades to its security solutions to take advantage of new technologies and advancements?
Over the past 3 years, how has the number of security breaches in your organization changed?
Which of the following best characterizes the level of attention your company’s senior executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, etc. – not IT executives/CIO/CISO) pay to enterprise IT security?


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