What’s Keeping the CSO up at Night?

In the 2014 Global Information Security Survey and the 2013 State of the CSO, revealed that the demand for skilled IT security professionals continues to strain organizations’ ability to fill security positions. Finding skilled information technology workers was identified as of the greatest challenges for 31 percent of large organizations.

Additionally, the increased use of enterprise data, the greater complexity of IT architectures and the demand within all enterprises to understand all of the security-related data generated is going to continue the drive the demand for security pros to work with data scientists to be able to better pinpoint and respond to threats.

So, the CSO/CISO is often in the hot seat to ensure that their IT infrastructure is secure, regardless of the complexity of legacy systems, CRMs, ERPs or web stores. Tokenization is a best in practice approach to ensuring the security of the data in these systems. In fact, Gartner estimates that 25% of its clients are moving toward tokenization technology to protect business and customer information.

How do you secure your enterprise systems?