The Impact of Storing PII
(Personally Identifiable Information)

When we talk about PII, we often refer to data including names, social security numbers, dates of birth, email addresses, physical addresses, etc. However, even seemingly innocuous data can be valuable in the wrong hands.

British Airways recently experienced a data breach into their loyalty program. While the information exposed was not directly lucrative, like a credit card or social security number, hackers know many people use the same login credentials across other online mediums. This information has been described as a “golden ticket” to get into other more valuable accounts.

And the power of data doesn’t stop there. According to the US General Accounting Office, 87% of the US population can be uniquely identified using only gender, date of birth and zip code. In an age where data can reveal and compromise so much, cyber security is paramount.

So how can businesses safeguard their customer’s private information? An increasingly popular and effective solution is tokenization. Tokenization works by replacing a sensitive data value with a surrogate value, or token, ensuring sensitive data is no longer present but rather is represented by the token. The actual encrypted data is stored in a secure data vault, reducing the organization’s liability of protecting the information and the risk associated with doing so.

XiSecure® for Sensitive Data utilizes Paymetric’s XiFlex™ format-preserving tokenization technology, giving organizations the adaptability needed to protect multiple types of sensitive information. XiSecure maintains the original length and format of the data so organizations can leverage Paymetric’s tokenization technology to protect any type of sensitive information that resides within their enterprise. The original data is stored in Paymetric’s off-site, highly secure data vault.

Now your organization can employ a tokenization strategy with no impact to existing IT infrastructure and no added costs
for modifications. Learn more about Paymetric’s proprietary solution here.

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