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How to use demos

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Data Breaches—Who is to Blame?

With the ongoing news coverage of major security breaches, consumers are being reminded that cardholder data isn’t as secure as it should be. For merchants and issuers, this poses questions about how this is affecting U.S. consumer behavior. How aware are consumers about these data breaches? More importantly, who are they putting at fault? A […]

Paymetric Case Study: Sotheby’s

Issue: Sotheby’s needed to expand capabilities of virtual auction catalogs and eCommerce purchase and payment options. Solution: Paymetric’s XiPay™ On-demand is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables companies to manage, accept and integrate virtually every type of electronic payment in any enterprise system where payment is accepted. Results: With XiPay On-demand, Sotheby’s: Decreased DSO Lowered […]

PCI Compliance

You hear a lot about PCI compliance and data breaches in the news, but do you actually have the technology in place to protect your organization? You can pass a PCI audit and still experience a data breach.


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