Natural Grocers investigates possible payment card breach

Natural Grocers Investigates Payment Card Data Breach

Natural Grocers is the latest US retailer to announce that it is investigating a possible data breach involving customer payment cards.

The seller of natural and organic foods, which has 93 stores in 15 states, said it is investigating a possible data breach involving an “unauthorized intrusion targeting limited customer payment data.”

The company claims that it hasn’t received reports of any fraudulent use of payment cards from any customer, credit card company or financial institution. However, sources in the financial industry have traced a pattern of fraud on customer credit and debit cards suggesting hackers have tapped into point of sales (POS) systems at Natural Grocers locations across the country, according to US investigative reporter Brian Krebs.

The company said there was no evidence card verification codes were accessed, and no personally identifiable information was involved.

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