Home Depot Data Breach

Home Depot: 53 Million Email Addresses Stolen in Breach

Home Depot revealed last Thursday that cyber thieves absconded with 53 million email addresses as part of a previously-disclosed breach.

The biggest U.S. home improvement retailer also said the perpetrators managed to access its systems by obtaining login credentials for a third-party vendor. That information alone didn’t provide access to the point-of-sale systems; however, the hackers were able to “navigate” their way to elevated privileges.

The strategy of finding an entryway through a “weak link” is fairly common. Indeed, hackers reportedly found their way into Target’s network through a similar path. JPMorgan Chase’s “corporate challenge” website has also found itself at the center of a probe into how cyber attackers broke into the banking giant’s network.

As evidenced, time and time again, data breaches and the associated costs are continually on the rise. The time is now to beef up your internal systems to protect your customers, your security and your brand.

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