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Since 1998, Paymetric has set the global standard for secure payments. With fully integrated, processor-agnostic tokenization solutions, we help the world’s leading brands simplify complex enterprise payment processing challenges. Our SaaS-based suite of solutions is PCI-DSS certified and enables you to streamline the order-to-cash process, improve electronic payment acceptance and reduce the scope and burden of PCI compliance. Paymetric safeguards your entire electronic payment ecosystem and gives you peace of mind

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XiPay® On-demand

XiPay® On-demand is a SaaS based, multi-tenant platform. This Paymetric solution facilitates credit and debit card acceptance, processes electronic checks/ACH payments, supports alternative payment types like PayPal or BillMe Later, offers in-country payment methods and enables fraud scoring and reporting services.

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Pinnacle Award SAP® Partner

Working within native SAP® transaction management capabilities, Paymetric reduces processing costs, increases accounts receivable and lowers business risk for more than 500 global SAP customers. Since 1998, we have been the only partner to provide a tokenization solution for securing payment card numbers within SAP solutions. Paymetric is the first payment processing organization included in SAP Business ByDesign.


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Paymetric secures and empowers the complex integrated electronic payment ecosystem. Our innovative solutions reduce the scope and financial burden of PCI compliance and improve return on payment acceptance for virtually every type of electronic payment. And Paymetric always remains a step ahead, identifying and mitigating risk with robust solutions backed by unmatched industry experience and award-winning innovation.

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